For the perfect result.

The glueing system CombiMelt is the heart of every OTT edgebander and suited for processing of EVA and PUR glues.

Especially using PUR glue makes it possible to get nearly 'invisible' results. The glue can be applied in a very thin coat and after the hardening process guarantees and longliving and durable joint between panel and edge. The glue joint is almost invisible, the precise processing and treatment afterwards optimises the result even more.


The so-called Zero Glue Joint is reached through application of the thinnest of layers of PUR glue, that still provides a full coating over the complete surface. The glue joint is almost invisible and because of precise trimming and processing afterwards the finished work piece looks perfect.

A change over of glues – especially between PUR white and PUR transparent – is made as easy as possible through using the OTT Service Station. Application head and glue pot (can be removed separately) can be preheated on the Service Station and are ready to use quickly. The mobile Service Station can be used for cleaning works as well.

Already pre-melted PUR glue can be preserved in the dry box which is to be supplied with compressed air, for days! Because of this it is no longer needed to waste already melted glue as it was done in the earlier days of PUR-glueing. Today, you get the full value of PUR because both maintenance has been reduced to mere minutes and melted PUR can be preserved and reused easily.

It's to your every day advantage!It's to your every day advantage!

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