50 years of experience - top innovations


The history of Paul Ott GmbH in Lambach started in 1963, when Mr. Paul Ott founded the company and started the production of presses as a subsidiary of the german mother company.


After years of continuing growth the productional area got expanded to 5.400 m².


The Austrian part of the company is now lead by the general manager and owner Hans Kaser. Hans Kaser was born in 1952, is married and father of two grown-up children. His philosophy for guiding and leading the company: "A human being goes through childhood and education with guidance through the family and gets to know the interaction with other people and environment. Taking responisibility in both family and professional life leads to full development of the personality. Ideals like honesty, humanity, responsibility and reliability make every one of us an important part of the society. Every human being has to find his own way and should get tolerance and acceptance from his/her environment. As a modern company we see ourselves as an important pillar of interaction - person and family, work and company, community and society."


In the late 80ies the company starts working with two big CNC-controlled working centres.


The continuing growth - also internationally - made another expansion of the productionals site necessary. The company bought the 12.000 m² measuring ground of Carl von Lindestraße 12 in Lambach.


Work in 'Werk II" - productional site 2 - with a productional area of 2.300 m² is started. The new building is mostly used for final installation of edgebanders and a new administrative center including a machine showroom.


Another additional production hall with 1.200 m² has been built.


The company is now working on many international markets and has a fix position on the world market. Many innovations, such as the perfect glueing system CombiMelt or the new, precise and fast edgebander Shark are proof of continuing development.
Beatrix Kaser - the daughter of the managing director - starts working in the company.


Paul OTT introduces new machine types like Twister and Shark Quattroline. The new scraper changer AZK-4 for up to 4 different profiles gets presented.


The machine series Kantomat and Profimatic are replaced by compeltely newly designed machines. The new machine StrongEdge and the series TopEdge get introduced.


Paul OTT GmbH in Lambach celebrates the 50 year anniversary! In September there also is a change regarding the management of the company. The daughter of the former managing director and her husband (Beatrix and DI(FH) René Brunner) are now leading the company.