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Our TRANSedge edging centres are available in different versions, as they are designed according to customer requirements. All TRANSedge centres have one thing in common: optimal processing quality and solutions suitable for everyday use. For example, a complete solution with two edge banding machines and completely automated transfer, bar code scanning, automatic ejection or stacking, angle feeding and more can be realised.

You tell us your requirements and we will work with you to develop a coherent concept for state-of-the-art, industrial processing of your materials.

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The demand for high quality and flexibility is important to us - for individual machines as well as for complete systems. Batch size 1 must be just as attainable as serial production in multi-shift operation.

This year, we also developed a new solution for processing at 25 m/min - both the edge banding machine and the handling system run unbeatably fast and precisely. We have also implemented our high quality standards here and offer optical zero joint and perfect finishing. We will be happy to discuss special solutions for special requirements with you personally.

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The smallest and most compact panel return system for your new OTT edgebander.

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